Couple Interesting Finds

Hanging out in Santa Cruz this weekend, using the new hammer drill to bore through some tile and concrete floor. Quite pleased with the result. Found a couple other things that I need to follow up on this week. Microsoft Silverlight 4 It looks like they added the h261 hardware accelleration in this release, just… Continue reading Couple Interesting Finds

Hmm… Tool Porn

So about 10 years ago I picked up a 16.8v cordless drill/flashlight combination for something like $29.99.    Worked great for a few years when one of the batteries stopped taking a charge.   Went back to Sears only to discover they no longer made any 16.8V devices.    Looked on Ebay & Amazon and they wanted $49… Continue reading Hmm… Tool Porn

3Mbits/sec tethering via the HTC Tilt 2

I was able to get 3Mbits/sec from Speakeasy when tethered through the phone.  Not too shabby.  A couple hack tricks helped, which I’m keeping as a separate page here.

One Month with the HTC Tilt 2

So I’ve been happily using an old Samsung Blackjack (the original) for at least 2 years now (maybe more).   Turns out there was a recall, and AT&T sent me a new one for free about a year ago, so I had a new phone again.   Recently, HTC offered a trade in program with $100 credit… Continue reading One Month with the HTC Tilt 2

Improved Commerical Skip

Many thanks to Spockers at the Dragon Global forms for posting his ShowAnalyzer global.conf file.    Commercial skipping is now much improved and no longer being confused by the odd opening scenes in Damages and Fringe.   Seems the tuning effort is a continuous process and if I get anymore info, I’ll post it here.

More 7MC and Video Streaming

So I finally carved some time out after the 11PM feeding to do some more Media Center upgrades.    Following a tip from this 7MC config page, I installed the Adobe Flash 10.1 Beta to address a flash performance problem I was noticing.  This, plus the ATI Catalyst 10.1 drivers did the trick.  I now suspect… Continue reading More 7MC and Video Streaming

Watching NFL games online

One of the upsides of having a Home Theater PC connected to your big screen is the ability to watch streaming media from the comfort of your couch.   With that in mind, I’ve been playing with various online streaming sites to watch out-of-market NFL games as well as been investigating streaming technology for my own… Continue reading Watching NFL games online

RadioParadise High Fidelity Streams

So RadioParadise turned off their 192K MP3 stream in favor of  Octoshape, a peer-to-peer Windows Media Player plugin to get RadioParadise in 192k format, unfortunately I experienced quite a few drop outs and choppy sound.    Possibly there aren’t enough users yet to get critical mass.  Interestingly, Comcast took down the FAQ which claimed they… Continue reading RadioParadise High Fidelity Streams