Integrating Retailer Shopping Carts with Sparkle by Group Nine Media

Introduction As the ecommerce landscape evolves, shoppers have raised their expectations of online shopping experiences, and are easily discouraged by burdensome process flows which force multiple clicks, page loads and forms. This is especially true as more eCommerce moves to mobile where conversion is even more dependent upon ease of use of the interface. One… Continue reading Integrating Retailer Shopping Carts with Sparkle by Group Nine Media

Intel CPU Info tool.

Cool geekware to tell you about your CPU: Be sure to disable the evil Ask toolbar window from the install wizard.

More CPU Envy

So just completed the configuration of my new Dell M4500. Intel i7 Q72o @ 1.60GHz (not the fastest i7, but uses the least power) 8GB memory 60GB SSD drive 500GB HD Windows 7 Ultimate, 64 bit The machine measures twice as fast as my old 4300 and the i7 excels at running VMWare machines. (Task… Continue reading More CPU Envy

Hmm… Tool Porn

So about 10 years ago I picked up a 16.8v cordless drill/flashlight combination for something like $29.99.    Worked great for a few years when one of the batteries stopped taking a charge.   Went back to Sears only to discover they no longer made any 16.8V devices.    Looked on Ebay & Amazon and they wanted $49… Continue reading Hmm… Tool Porn

3Mbits/sec tethering via the HTC Tilt 2

I was able to get 3Mbits/sec from Speakeasy when tethered through the phone.  Not too shabby.  A couple hack tricks helped, which I’m keeping as a separate page here.

RadioParadise High Fidelity Streams

So RadioParadise turned off their 192K MP3 stream in favor of  Octoshape, a peer-to-peer Windows Media Player plugin to get RadioParadise in 192k format, unfortunately I experienced quite a few drop outs and choppy sound.    Possibly there aren’t enough users yet to get critical mass.  Interestingly, Comcast took down the FAQ which claimed they… Continue reading RadioParadise High Fidelity Streams

About Mike Patnode

Professional Info I’m basically a Unix hack who taught himself Security, Java, and various Web technologies, only to get sucked into management positions after spending any amount of time at a company.  You can find out a little more about me here as well as on LinkedIn.   I also spent some time developing network video protocols… Continue reading About Mike Patnode