“The Future of DVD” Panel and Happy Hour

Join EFF in San Francisco Monday for Discussion on Hollywood vs. Consumers’ Rights Please join the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) for a panel discussion on “The Future of DVD” at the Varnish Gallery in San Francisco on Monday, November 9, at 5:30pm. Panelists include Kaleidescape CEO Michael Malcolm, RealNetworks Vice President and General Counsel Bill… Continue reading “The Future of DVD” Panel and Happy Hour

Orijnal’s Hulu Desktop WMC Fix

Orijnal at thegreenbutton.com threw together a quick fix to eliminate the various remote control problems people ran into when combining the Hulu Desktop with the Hulu plugin.   You can read this thread for all the gory details.   I’ve just offered to host the file for him, so shoot any complains his way.  🙂 Instructions From… Continue reading Orijnal’s Hulu Desktop WMC Fix

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Microsoft: You can’t play Apple’s Game

So I read the NY Times Zune HD review last week and I hope every Microsoft employee is experiencing the embarrassment I feel for them.  The feature set reeks of committee compromise.   It’s obvious that so many different parts of Microsoft needed to have their say in the Zune design that none of them won, and… Continue reading Microsoft: You can’t play Apple’s Game

Skyfire for Windows Mobile Phones

I’ve had a Samsung Blackjack for sometime now which I’ve been pretty happy with.    Been thinking it would be nice to have Wi-Fi support, but the Windows Mobile 6.1 web browser pretty much sucks, so instead, I use my wife’s IPhone to surf the web.     I just discovered Skyfire and life is suddenly so much… Continue reading Skyfire for Windows Mobile Phones

About Mike Patnode

Professional Info I’m basically a Unix hack who taught himself Security, Java, and various Web technologies, only to get sucked into management positions after spending any amount of time at a company.  You can find out a little more about me here as well as on LinkedIn.   I also spent some time developing network video protocols… Continue reading About Mike Patnode