Simple document scanner program

Ever needed to scan a document using a manual scanner?   I used to go through this painful process using the scanner wizard and pasting the images into a word document.    With a quick search, I found Documalis Free Scanner It’s written by a French company, so depending upon your language skills, you may have to click over to the English UI when you start it up.    From there it’s one button push for each page, with thumbnails showing you the pages you’ve already scanned, and the ability to save the whole thing as a PDF.   Couldn’t be easier and you can’t beat the price.

Two minor oddities:

  1. The first scan starts immediately.   You need to be ready to go when you start the program
  2. You have to pre-select your destination directory.    The filename dialog at the end isn’t the standard Windows browse and save.

Once again.  It’s a great program for the price.

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