Hulu is now blocking Skyfire

Posted in Mobile at 4:38 pm by mike

I downloaded Skyfire on June 24th, tried Hulu and thought it was cool. Tried it again the next day and figured I did something wrong.  Nothing but silence on the Skyfire forum but plenty of twitter action: https://twitter.com/#search?q=skyfire%20hulu.

I sucks if they have to play the same game Boxee does.   Hulu has definitely thrown a wrench in their spokes.

Also found a few folks on AnandTech who have the same issue.

After some thought, it’s pretty obvious Hulu wasn’t about to let this stand.   Apple has established that people will pay for phone access vs desktop and Hulu is looking for ways to monetize.   Furthermore, given that Skyfire uses a proxy architecture, I suspect they are violating Hulu’s EULA.    That architecture also makes it very easy for Hulu to block them, just like they do for non-US proxy sites.

Here’s to hoping that Hulu goes for a Netflix subscription model which will give you access anywhere.   I suspect that’s a pipe dream as well…

Update: 7/13/09 There’s now a thread on the Skyfire forum, with Skyfire folks saying complain to Hulu.   Note that fancast and other sites still work fine.

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