Orijnal’s Hulu Desktop WMC Fix

Orijnal at thegreenbutton.com threw together a quick fix to eliminate the various remote control problems people ran into when combining the Hulu Desktop with the Hulu plugin.   You can read this thread for all the gory details.   I’ve just offered to host the file for him, so shoot any complains his way.  🙂

Instructions From Orijnal:

Just unzip it and put a copy of it in the StartUp folder in the Start Menu (to ensures it’s running when the machine starts up). Make sure it’s running, before you try it out (you’ll see a little hulu logo in your system tray). I spent about a half hour on this, and certainly haven’t done extensive testing, but I haven’t run into any problems with it, yet. It works on 7MC and should work on Vista as well.

Worked like a champ for me.

Windows 7 Installation – Part 1

OK, my first hiccup while installing the SSD drive was not having an extra SATA cable!   Solved for $10 (probably $9 more than I needed to spend) with a quick trip to Radio Shack on my wife’s scooter.   Decided to time the installation since I got to figure the SSD will make a significant difference.

Total installation time for Windows 7 Ultimate: 17 miinutes, 30 seconds.   Subtract at least a minute for my typing and pauses.

Unfortunately, it took me twice that time to put the machine back together and get all the cables reconnected.    Digital Cable connectors can be quite problematic at times.

Step #2.   Download latest ATI Catalyst software for the video card.  Windows Update automatically found something, but it didn’t install the full ATI Catalyst system.

That’s as far as I got yesterday.  Family responsibilities cut into my fun and I needed to switch back to Vista to record shows during prime-time.   Copying over the channel and recording settings is going to be the most time consuming part of the project.

Windows 7 Party Pack Arrived

So for no good reason at all, Microsoft sent me a complimentary copy of Windows Ultimate along with a box of party swag (streamers, toys, coupons, bags, etc..). I was actually going to hold off on the upgrade of my HTPC (which is pretty happily running Vista), but with Microsoft’s encouragement, I broke down and used my Amazon coupons to buy a 128G SSD drive.   Went with the CORSAIR P128 after reading this review.   I’ve decided to do a fresh install rather than an upgrade, this way I can simply switch back to booting Vista off the old 1TB drive.   Eventually, I plan to hang that drive off of Buffalo NAS and silencing the HTPC completely, but that will be another project.    In anycase, given that the rebuild of the media center is non-trivial, I’m taking the week off to do the reinstall before the party bond with my new son.

Finally, I’m going to track the whole process here for my own reference, since it’s helpful to know exactly what drivers and software I installed when, and why.    Makes a great reference for my HTPC consulting work.

BTW: Yahoo has upgraded WordPress for me which at first brush looks pretty nice.   I still need to figure out how to leverage FB or Yahoo identity management, so people don’t have to create their own accounts to comment on my site.   If you know how to do this, please drop me a pointer.