01/09/2007: This is now a cobweb site, left here for historical purposes.   This was an interesting project I did to distract myself during the .com bust, before the iPod.   If you're looking for this type of device today, either get an iPod or go check out Myth TV.   Mike Patnode

07/21/2009: Funny enough, I now run Vista Media Center.


What Is The Digital Jukebox?
How Do I Get One?
The MPST Digital Jukebox is the next generation CD player.
Have you ever been driving in your car, wanted to play some music and realized the CD wasn't in it's case, but was still in the CD player at home?

Do you dread having to make a tape or build a playlist for a party because it's so time consuming and complicated?

Have you ever tried to enter the artist and album information for every CD in your collection into a CD carousel?
The Digital Jukebox eliminates these problems and makes managing and enjoying your CD collection a breeze!
The Digital Jukebox makes a digital copy of your CD and stores it so that you can put your CD's back in the case for use in the car, take them to parties, etc..

The Digital Jukebox allows you to quickly and easily create playlists for parties, holidays and just hanging around the house.

With the Digital Jukebox, you don't have to enter any CD information.  The Digital Jukebox automatically looks up the artist name, album and song titles off the Internet and then displays them on the LCD screen as you browse or play your music.
How Do I Get One?
How Does The Digital Jukebox Work?
The Digital Jukebox replaces your current CD player in your stereo system.  It does not require a keyboard or screen, but does need either a phone-line or network connection to the Internet. Just insert each CD into the Digital Jukebox.  The Digital Jukebox will store the all music, download the artist name, album and song titles off the Internet, and catalog this information in the Digital Jukebox Library.   You are then free to sort, scan and group albums, categories of albums, songs and artists any way you would like.  You can always see what song is playing by reading the LCD screen.

You can control the Digital Jukebox via a remote control, an optional touch screen or your own home PC! (home network required)