HTC Tilt 2 Phone Hacks

I find keeping a log of what software and changes I’ve done to the phone is very handy in case of a hard reset or even getting a new phone.

First a couple apps:


I’ve been using BeyondPod for more than 3 years now on the Samsung Blackjack.    The touchscreen interface on the latest version makes it even nicer.   Note, all your podcasts are automatically downloaded via 3G or wifi, whenever and where ever you want depending upon the schedule you set.   None of this docking/ITunes nonsense.

There were a few hacks I had to add for WM 6.5, from the BeyondPod release notes:

Skyfire and Opera

Opera came loaded on the phone by default.   I upgraded to the latest Beta and for some reason it didn’t appear to use the WiFi when it’s connected.  Skyfire and IE perform noticably faster, though I installed the final release today and did not notice any improvement.    I was a big Skyfire fan when it first came out, but now I find it a little slow.   Note Skyfire runs a full-blown browser on a proxy, and then essentially uses their own RDP protocol to display the output on the phone.


The version of TCPMP I was using on the Samsung was broken by WM6.1.   Luckily, the folks at XDA came through again, adding a ton of different codecs while they were at it. It seems there are quite a few versions out there maintained by different folks with different specialties.

Unlock the phone.

The easiest thing to do is just download the app from this app from Mobile Jaw site and run it on your phone.   Note there’s a special version for touchscreen phones, and you should remove it when done.

There’s a decent registry editor here: Regedit STG

Google Maps

This is by far the best touch screen app.

Performance Hacks

I installed Advanced Configuration Tool as recommended here.   Not you first need to install .Net CF 3.5 as well.

Had to hand install NetCF 3.5 since the MSI wouldn’t do it on Windows 7.   I then changed the following settings:

Internet Tethering

It seems that AT&T now charges an extra $30 a month for tethering.   Since I had this capability with the Samsung for no extra charge, I assume I’ve been grandfathered in since it works great for me.

Many thanks to jh20001's Avatar jh20001 for the tethering and data speed improvements. I was able to get 3Mb download according to Speakeasy:

Download Speed: 3301 kbps (412.6 KB/sec transfer rate)
Upload Speed: 363 kbps (45.4 KB/sec transfer rate)

You’ll need the XDA membership, though there is a ton of good stuff there if you’re an HTC user.