About Me

Professional Info

I’m basically a Unix graphics developer who taught himself Security, Java, and various Web technologies, only to get sucked into management positions after spending any amount of time at a company, but I still manage to keep my hands pretty dirty.   I’ve built and led development teams at multiple start-ups ranging from self-service financial kiosks to enterprise security middle-ware to digital media companies.   I also spent some time developing network video protocols with the X Consortium and building my own MP3 player (2001).

Home Theater/PC Convergence

Aside from the blog, I was a guest editor on missingremote.com where I posted a couple Home Theater and Windows Media Center experiences. A list of my postings:

Note, I’m not a Windows bigot, and in fact 95% of my software development experience is on Linux and Unix, but when evaluating WMC vs the Linux offerings (MythTV, etc…), the DRM issues (specifically CableCARD) made WMC the obvious choice.

Personal Info

I ride a BMW K1300 motorcycle, attended 5 days of California SuperBike school and (sometimes) change my own oil on all my vehicles.    I’ve been a Miami Dolphins fan since I was a little kid (no connection to Florida, so I can’t really explain why) but loyalty has kept me with the team through thick and thin.   Living in California, I take full advantage of the wine country, and built a wine cellar under my stairwell to help leverage that.

If I had more time, I’d be playing more poker (not online!) and beach volleyball (definitely not online!).   The free time I do have gets wasted on Science Fiction.   Lately Peter Hamilton, Iain Banks and Neal Asher.

I can be reached at